Saving return values from webhook (specifically POST) to a column


We have talked about this once before privately I believe but could you please provide an update on whether it will be possible to save the response from a POST endpoint in a webhook workflow into a column?



Hi Jayaram,

Sorry my memory is terrible. Can you elaborate on what you are asking for?

Around March 11, I was working on an app which needed a functionality as follows:

I want to trigger a webhook workflow which does a POST as a result of the user pressing an Action button. The returned value from that website will be a String (for example, it may be the base64 encoded image of a chart) and I want to save that image in a Image column.

You had replied saying - “You can be notified of the error by setting “Enable Audit History alerts” on the Manage > Monitor pane.”

Now, I am asking in addition to logging it in the Audit History, can I save that response in a specific column in a table?

We are also waiting for this feature.

We have discussed adding the ability to retrieve data using an HTTP Get or Post but there is nothing currently “in plan”. I will bring up your request with Praveen.

It would be circuitous, but you might achieve this using Zapier by:

  1. Using an AppSheet webhook to invoke Zapier.
  2. Using Zapier to do a Post to the external web service.
  3. Using Zapier to retrieve the Post response data.
  4. Using Zapier to invoke the AppSheet REST API to do an Add or Update to an AppSheet table. This we send the data returned by the Post to your AppSheet table.


I am looking for solution to capture the response from REST GET and POST also. Any idea when can it will be available ?

Also, any workaround at this moment ? I would like to capture and show the response in real-time manner.


I need this capability still and it would really be helpful to have. Thanks for considering.


I think this capability would really be a plus for appsheet because going through a third party like zapier adds to the process. Please fix it.


Same here, we need this feature to get in real time without refreshing the app if the POST worked correctly.

Hi Philip Using Zapier is very expensive. As a developer my though is have a facility to call or post request and response directly through Appsheet better.

Agreeing with all points.

  1. Its annoying to use an additional service to achieve what is moderately simple. Especially with the addition of automations which would desperately want this functionality.
  2. an additional service is another failure point/delay in the process. If Zapier is down, your app is down. If Appsheet is down, your app is down. Every time you add something to your chain you’re multiplying the chance of a system down.
  3. Doing this through zapier is also not real time and would falsely give that impression cause the data might get updated with that returned value but unless it is saved in your datasource before Appsheet pulls in your new synced data, you won’t have that new value.
  4. While zapier is not terribly expensive it is another cost that you have to take into account. And another system that you have to spend resources managing.

Can you give more information about this last step, I have already donde the other 3 steps…

But I cant find the way to archive the last one

We also need this feature.

At the moment, we have to use a Power Automate flow linked to our SharePoint site to pickup details that are normally sent back in response to a POST request.

In addition, we use Power Automate to get and push a SharePoint API access token to Appsheet, simply because Appsheet does not support using GET requests.

The addition of GET requests, and the ability to parse JSON responses to all requests is a critical feature for us.

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