Saving Workflows to storage (download)

Hey appsheet community!
I am wondering if it is possible to save a workflow or report directly to my hard drive or to download the pdf. I hate having to check and wait for the email to come in every time.

I tried the “save file” function, but that just seems to be used for placing it into the google drive folder.

If you are a gsuite customer you can use Drive Stream and keep your files synced on your hard drive. If not, then you can just download google drive on your computer and keep files synced that way. Just a thought.

@Austin_Nunns You can also use the PDF archiving capability of AppSheet:

Thanks for your suggestion, but this doesn’t fit my the need i’m looking to fill.

I would like it to save to the current user’s storage. Both suggestions are awesome, but they save to google drive and have a function through that. I can’t have that because I don’t want everyone to have access to the google drive and it will get cluttered up because if everyone is sharing the same folder, everyone will have every report anyone else does.

It looks like the feature I am after doesn’t exist though. :frowning: is that correct?

Thanks for the help! I’ll just add it into the suggestions if it isn’t in the system.

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There’s no way to save a PDF to the user’s storage directly. Feel free to add it as a feature request. It would be helpful if you provided a concrete example in your description.