Scan a barcode


I have problem when i scan a barcode

When i scan this code with a phone samsung androïd, my app give this code : 0103265290094635172111191001405
And it’s good

But when i scan with an apple iphone the barcode my app give this :
And it’s wrong, These 3 letters are extra : ]C1

Can you help me ?

This is a known problem.

Please contact Support for help with this.

Thanks you steve
I will see with the support

We reported this issue earlier this month (issue happening on iOS)

I reckon you are on 14.3.3 version of the app to see this problem. We were advised a fixed to be released on the newer vesion and waiting for app approvals to releaese new version.

14.3.4 is just released.

I updated the AppSheet app, and tested this.

Now it is working like a charm.

Thank you to @mandar @Arthur_Rallu




Yes, i just update the app now and, it fix the bug