Scan capturing unexpected characters

I have a client who’s using phones to capture barcode and for the most part it works great. Once in a while they receive unexpected data. For example, the physical barcode says -7400123 but the scan reads 7400128.

The issue is not from one or even two devices. They have drivers across the country and its pretty sporadic.

Has anyone seen something like this? How did you resolve?

A million thanks

Most likely it’s an issue with getting a clear picture of the barcode. Any image noise or physical damage to the label could potentially lead to a misread of a character or two.

There aren’t any levers one can pull in the AppSheet editor to change how the barcode scanning function operates - but operators can take steps to ensure the device camera is able to capture a good image. Things like ensuring there is good light, that the barcode is undamaged, and that the scanner is close enough to the label will minimize the chances of capturing errant data.


Thanks Hayden, I’ll pass this along.