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(Fabian Weller) #1

Scan & Search

In a Ref Dropdown I want to Scan a Barcode to find an item. The Barcode is part of the Label. But the App says “The can result didn’t match any known entries”. If I create a barcode from the Key, then it works. Can I scan for the Label of a Ref?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2

@Fabian Have you tried making the key and label same column? Label of a ref is simply an “easy-to-read” representation of the key column value. Therefore it’s working with the Key.

(Fabian Weller) #3

@Levent_KULACOGLU Label cannot be the Key because it has to be editable.

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #4

@Fabian the solution may be this; if the labels will be unique, then you can have an appformula in your key column like


and then make it both the key and the label. As I don’t know your sequence, I’m just brainstorming.

(Aaron Moolb) #5

@Fabian I do this in most of my apps! Make a label column with a CONCATENATE expression and make that virtual column searchable and the label.

Key column

Product name

Barcode kF47ySil

Hot Wheels


My Label check box is on the virtual column called Product Label and the expression looks like: CONCATENATE([Barcode]," ",[Product Name])

I think this is what you are looking for.

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #6

@Aaron_Moolb that will surely work. Thnx for the heads-up.