Scandit camera dark on Androids Hello, we st...

(Greg Bounds) #1

Scandit camera dark on Androids

Hello, we started using the barcode scanner for keytags. It worked great in testing, but on site the lighting isn’t always great and our Android Samsung tablets are not picking up the tag. An iOS phone was used instead and it worked immediately, and I tested the scanner in the dark using my newer Android phone and it worked, so it seems to just be our older tablets.

What is odd is if you open up the camera on my phone or the tablet, it has MUCH more light than Scandit in the app, which makes me think it is something w/ Scandit that is not allowing enough light in to capture the barcode. Is there any documentation of this issue or any possible way we can tweak a setting for this?

(Tony Fader) #2

@Greg_Bounds We haven’t heard this before. You could try installing the standalone Scandit app and see if the behavior is the same.

(Greg Bounds) #3

Thanks @tony… looks identical on my phone, but we’ll run some tests on the tablets in question to verify the issue.