Scannable Apps


Does anyone have any good examples of apps that have a scanning aspect? This is for research purposes.

Have you checked our sample apps?[doc_type][0]=Apps&is_v=1

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Yes this is what I was looking for for getting a general idea for building one of these. Thanks!

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You’re welcome


After looking through the app, I wanted to get some insight on the workflow of making a scannable app, or section of the app rather.

So here is the premise:

My parking enforcers have a boot. They scan a bar code on the boot using the app and then enter in relevant information and then sync and that becomes part of the back end. My question is this, If I am the customer, how would I scan the same bar code to be able to pull up the information that the parking attendant input and launch into the payment page.

The wall I am running into is that the app, bar codes and boots all live within the the same bubble and then the customer lives on the outside of that. How as a customer do I connect to that information…any apps in existence with a similar scenario?

May I ask what do you mean by “boot” in this scenario?

Parking boot, something you would use to immobilize a vehicle.