Scanned Data auto submit date

Hello guys, I’m new on this AppSheet Program
There is a lot thing on this function, and I already read the help tab for some function, but still don’t get what should I do.

anyone can help me?
So my data is like this, what i want to do is the app will scan the data of coloumn ID, then the attendance will be auto add date if someone scanned. and of course if no scanned ID, the attendance will still blank.
and other question, is Scannable function is only for search data? cant be auto submit or validating data? cause i read it and see the example, scanned only for search


Thanks for help ^^

Scanning is possible if you set the option “Scannable” as ON. You can find it under that column’s definition. Best option for the Attendance column would be the ChangeTimestamp field. If you choose your ID column to check, it will write the DateTime value when you add or update the ID.

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I see, yeah that attendance coloumn is date the ID scanned,

i will try it
Thanks bro

You’re welcome