Scanning a QR Code

I’m new to AppSheet, but have done a fair bit of research around QR scanning.
I understand that in the emulator “The scan button is displayed, but will not scan anything and will always produce the same value: 111122333.”
However I’m not seeing the scan button at all.
I’d like a new customer to our business scan in, and then we store the URL and their basic customer info into the google spreadsheet.
I have the column as “scannable”.

Suggestions welcome!

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I am fairly certain that you do not see the scan button on a desktop device, only a mobile device


@alphacp is correct. The scanner does NOT show up in the browser version of the app. The posted screenshot is of the browser version, and not the emulator. The emulator is only what you see on the right side of the editor.


Perfect - thanks for that. Didn’t see that in my searches. It seems that it also helped if I unchecked “key” for the column.

Follow up question -

It seems I haven’t worked out the difference from a user, versus a customer.
If I don’t login (as a user) - it comes up with an error… " The VisitorCheck-ins-4523524 app did not load successfully. Please contact the app creator.
Unable to fetch app definition. App ‘31b7fc24-66b0-453c-b7fd-9ec50aaf4aaa’ version 1.000054 is not runnable — please contact the app creator."

Pretty sure this will be a simple fix - just a newbie query. :slight_smile:


Huh? Helped what?

A “user” is anyone that uses your app. Not sure what you mean by “customer”. Is this a Secure app or a Public app?


I want a customer to walk in to the business and check-in via a QR scan.
I’d like a small number of trusted business “users” to have access to the data.

Gotcha. So the customers will all be using the same device, right? A device, owned by you, probably purposefully set up in one location for this one task?

If so, you should create a new account just for this device, and log in to the app with that account. Then you can restrict the data and views per account.

You have to use a Secure app in order to restrict or show things per user. And no one can use a Secure app unless they are logged in.


Hey Marc, I hadn’t thought of that, but no that is not quite what I’m going for.

We have different stores where the customer can scan in, so I was thinking they could do that on their own smartphone.

Well, again, only those logged-in and added to a Secure app can use it. You’d have to pay monthly for every user (including customers in this case).

Or, you can build 2 apps on the same data sources. One Secure app for your own employees, and one Public app for the customer scanning. Note that you’ll have to build these apps on two different Appsheet accounts since pricing plans are per account, and you’ll be using two different pricing plans.


Nice one - thank you!
I’ll look into that later in the week… past midnight here now - and I’ll have to get back to real work tomorrow :slight_smile: