Scanning barcode to navigate to item

Currently I open an input form, scan a barcode, and then on save have a navigation action take me to that scanned record… (I’ve set the table collecting the forms security filter to false so that they aren’t able to get to the scans…)

Is there a way to allow this navigation to happen without saving a record? I would love that if they click the scan button, it just opens the scanner and takes them to the record, all local without “pushing” a record I don’t care about…

Any ideas?
(Also, advancing forms automatically being a “global” setting is terrible as I don’t want all my forms for the entire app advancing auto, just that scan form. That should be at the Form View level.)

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You can’t search the item with scanning?

An alternative to the table search feature is what I think @Grant_Stead is looking for where the text in the search is filled by the scanner. Also instead of just displaying the matching row, he wants the action to be “go to the detail view of the matching row”. In other words, a “non-saving” form. An entirely new set of UX interactions could be implemented in our apps if we had something like this.

You two are amazing. I’m pretty sure y’all answered the first question I ever asked… LOL.
I stepped out for about a year, so I’m not sure if things have been added that I don’t know about. Honestly, is be fine either way… Advance forms automatic at the form level, it the ability to take a local input…

Yes, at some point there was discussion about actions allowing pop-up input…
Then there was also discussion around allowing actions to be in the menus…
With that then you could do this…

I have the same request as @Bellave_Jayaram clarified in his post earlier in this thread.
Having to save a record just to scan is just making the app that much chatty, for no added value.
Is it possible to do this without saving new records?

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I effectively do this with a table with a row for each user. Just a from that auto saves and navigates to the correct view and row depending on the scan. It moves fast, works well for me.

That’s a pretty good way… I take it you’ve got a slice and what not…

I use a security filter to only load rows with the useremail(). I then use the condition in the scannable form to only edit rows with the useremail() key.

The other way that works well is to set up the table using uniqueid() or something for the key, and enable the table setting to filter out all exisiting rows. You end up with a larger table this way, but it doesn’t matter at all because the app isn’t loading any of the rows. You can’t refer to that user’s scan for anything later, but it’s efficient to navigate based on the scan.

There’s also that new seeing where your can set the security filter to only send or something like that… So I bet that doesn’t add any real extra weight to the apps…

@Rosemary_Black. thanks for the suggestions.
My solution I have implemented is similar to the second one you had and work well except there is a record being added for each scan that is made.

I like your idea of having a row for each user. Does you have form have just the bar code field? Last time I tried something like this I remember having to include other fields on the form and that made the form un-intuitve.

Second question: any way you have figured to have the scanner come on directly without having to tap on the scanner icon on form? I am working on an internal library app and would like to rapidly scan in book barcode after barcode with the minimum number of clicks/taps on screen. Ideally I would like to scan-confirm action (like checkin)-scan-confirm action-scan and so on.