Scanning QR codes in and out


Looking to make this work the following, i want to scan in or scan out qr codes that are attached to memory cards. This so i can easily see which are in use and which are not. It needs to be in a simple way of just scanning it in and out. With a history page and a category labeled to the qr code. Like a production or something, also so you can see under a category how many “memory cards” are in use by one production.

Not sure if this is possible but i hope it is.

Thanks for helping me in advance.

Hi @Jonas_Francois

Please have a look to the Sample Apps page:
Here is an example that may fit your needs:
for scanning purpose, you will have to tick the “scannable” property in the appropriate table:


I assume that each memory card has a unique QRcode?

I think for this you need to get the data structure correct first. You’re going to need a table of memory cards and a table for movment (checked in / checked out). Then a Ref that links all the movements as a subtable of memory cards. That way you can the see a list of memory cards, the status of each and every single movement.

I’ve created an App for a client like this before. But instead of memory cards it was staff comping in and out of a building. Each having a QRCode card and a tablet on reception. The App then went on to calculate their wages.

Message me if you want some more direct help with this :slight_smile:

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