Scatterplot plots zeros incorrectly

I have a scatterplot showing Density on the x-axis and %Sinks (percentage of particles that sank at that density). The %Sinks is a calculated field [SinkParticles]/[TotalParticles]. It all works fine except where [SinkParticles]=0 and therefore %Sinks=0%. In this case the points don’t plot at 0% where they should, but at 101% (see red circle highlight in attached screenshot)

. All other points where %Sinks>0 plot just fine. Any ideas?

Does the calculated value for %Sinks show as zero?

If you tap the View(9) button what are the values shown there?

Thanks for the response John. Yes, it all appears correct 0 sinks = 0% sinks. Problem only appears to be in the plots interpretation of 0%.

Thanks! Well, I have been trying to recreate your issue but I can’t even seem to get the chart view to populate properly. For some reason when I add a second column to the Scatterplot chart, the entire editor web page freezes and crashes. I have tried a half-dozen times now.

I recommend sending your issue directly to