Schedule an action: Add rows to other table

Now that we have the ability within the platform to add rows to other tables, can anyone think of a way schedule this action (add rows to other table)? For example: Every three months, add a row to this table.

Not with the new action, however it can be achieved using the API, either from an external source (Google Script), or a Report-Webhook.

Had a feeling it would need to be a webhook. Thanks @Marc_Dillon

Seems a Feature request should be made to include Data Change actions in the Report behaviors! I have had a couple occasions where it could have been useful.

I’m sure there is a reason it wasn’t initially included, but if developers are working around it to make it happen anyway…might as well “nip it in the bud”!

I think I solved the problem with this. I created an action that added rows to table, then I used the report function for a single record to trigger a change data, I then pointed it to the action I created to add rows. The trick was trying working with the “If this is true” condition. For that I created a virtual column in my table that met the requirements to trigger the report.

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