Schedule recurring future tasks

I’ve got an app that includes Scheduled/Completed checklists. I’m looking for a way to mass schedule checklists for people in the future. I would like to make it where I don’t have to manually add each checklist one by one.

The first part of the form is pictured below. I was thinking I could add a Y/N column called “Recurring?”. Selecting Yes would show a “Number of Days” column. Using this Number of Days I could use an Action to add rows to my database X number of times. So if I said “Yes”, “7 Days”, it would create 7 copies of my record in the future using DATENOW()+1,+2,+3 etc.

Is this possible? Or is there another way to accomplish this?


Yes it is possible. You need to create a scheduled report of Data Change type and create an action for this table > Data: add a new row to another table using values from this row. You will need a couple of expressions as well.

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You can also use an actual Google Calendar as your data source, and setup a real recurring event. This way the duplication is done automatically for you by Google Calendar, and it’s easy to set the number of days/weeks to repeat.

Then you can join the calendar table with your existing table using a Ref-Type Virtual Column to match up the dates.


Thanks, I didn’t even realize “Change Data” was an option for Reports now.

I ended up using this Report function to trigger 2 actions every day at 5:30 AM. One action (Type=add a new row to a table) copied everything over and added [Date]+1 where [Recurring?]=Y.
The second action (type=set the values of some columns in this row) changed [Recurring?] back to No where [Date] < MAX(SELECT(Checklist[Date],[Recurring?]=Y)). Otherwise the new rows added everyday would compound on each other.

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Is it possible if you could provide a sample for this?