Scheduled actions to reset certain column values

I am working on creating an inventory management app and the main thing we wanted to accomplish was automation of an “Order” column which is where our store managers can input the quantity of a item they need at the store. We deliver their order the following morning, and usually we (at the office) reset their order column on the Google Sheet. The issue is sometimes we forget to reset it and the store managers are not able to re-order on time.

Is it possible to create a workflow that is scheduled, instead of triggered by an event, that can change the data of the “Order” column at a specific time? It looks like Workflows are only event triggered, and Reports cannot change data.


Yes it’s possible. You need to create a Scheduled Report for that. Please refer to below pages:


Hi Omar,

Levent is exactly right. To clarify one point, a Report can perform data updates as described in the Reports link that Levent provided above. See topic “Update records” in that article.


Thank you for the links! I’m still having a tough time finding a solution; the link to “Update records” seems to only be for Workflows. Unless there is a way to link workflows to reports, I’m still feeling a bit lost. Any ideas?

If your Report specifies the “For each row in table” option, you can invoke a Data Change from the Report.

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