Scheduled bot when upgrading app -unexpected behaviour

I emailed support about this a while ago but it still very odd. This is what I did:

1 Create simple app with one table
2 Call it test app
3 Make copy of test app and deploy it. It will be called something like test app-###- 21-12-08 where ### is my user id I think. To keep it simple, I will refer to the original test app as “original app” and the copy I just made as the “developer app”
4 Create a bot in the developer app to to fire daily at a certain time for all rows in table
5 Set condition [_rownumber]=2 so it only runs once
6 Add a task for the bot to send me an email with context(“appname”) and text(time(now)))
7 Set the event o fire in 5 minutes
8 Upgrade the original app so that it it mirrors the developer app

After this. I would expect to receive two emails, one from each app stating the different app names and the time.

What I get is:

I only get an email from the developer app and nothing from the original app
If I look at app monitoring, it shows (incorrectly) that the bot has run for both the original app and the developer app and it also shows (incorrectly) the bots having run in the original app before it was upgraded so before it had the bot in it.

In the app monitoring, it shows the original app sending me an email with the text containing the appname from the developer app.

If I then go into the original app and set the time for the event to a couple of minutes in the future, it fires after a couple of minutes and I get the correct email with the correct content as expected.

In the monitoring, it shows (incorrectly) that both the original app and the developer app have fired and for both apps, it shows that the email sent contained the appname from the original app this time.

If I go back to the developer app and make a small change (like adding “x” to a process name), set the event to fire in 5 minutes, save the developer app and the upgrade the original app, I am back to where I was after the 8 steps above. So I only get one email containing the appname from the developer app even though the event in the bot in the original app is scheduled to fire.

I contacted support back in July and they said there was an issue with the cron jobs not being properly created and that it had been fixed. It seems to have crept back in again.

The problem with this is that if you have an app with scheduled events, every time you upgrade your production app, you have to go in and change the time for all the events to reset the cron jobs for the bots to run. This is a pain in the backside.

Also, the app monitoring is clearly confused when you make a copy of an app but that is less of a problem.

Can you guys please fix this?

Attn @Dan_Bahir @Zhifeng_Lin

@Erik_Ferm the fix has now been deployed and I have also replied to your support ticket.

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Great, thanks!!

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