Scheduled Bots behaviour for triggering other bots

Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on the expected behaviour of a Bot that is based on a Schedule.

Here is the scenario:

  1. Scheduled Bot runs once a month against a MASTER table ForEachRowInTable and is set to run a data action that creates new records in another table called REPORTS. This works and creates the new rows as expected. I have set the options for the bot to Trigger Other Bots.

  2. A second data change Bot is configured to detect the new entries added to the REPORTS table from Bot 1 and create a bunch of child records in a third Table. This uses a Run a Data Action with a Grouped Actions action. This does not trigger after the scheduled Bot 1.

The Grouped Actions work as expected if run from a button.

If I change scheduled Bot 1 to a Data Change Bot, Bot 2 triggers for the record I change and behaves as expected.

So my question is, can scheduled bots be used the way I’m trying to use them. I could probably run the second bot as a scheduled bot later on the same day each month, but curious about my approach.

Any feedback or advice would be appreciated.

So I’m guessing, but I think there is a block on bots triggering other bots. The issue is this could cause a infiinate loop. My suggestion woudl be to change it so that either the first bot also adds the items to 3rd table. Or trigger the second bot about 10-15mins later.


Hi Simon, Thanks for the reply.

There is a setting in the options to allow bots triggering bots. My data change bots will trigger each other. But the scheduled bot won’t trigger other bots.

Yes, I can see how this could be an issue, but I have read in an article that there is a mechanism built into AppSheet to stop this.

This approach works, just not as elegant. I guess I was hoping someone could clarify if I’m trying to do the impossible or if scheduled bots can actually trigger other bots.

Thanks again, I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

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If it were me, I would simply add the step(s) to create the child records as part of the first Bot.