Scheduled event not triggering

First time setting up a scheduled event here,

When I test it, the bot works fine

However it is not firing at the scheduled time
Perhaps the UTC server time has something to do with this?

The action being executed is setting all TimeSheet table records (Time) column to TIMENOW() using the formula TIME(UTCNOW()+“007:00:00”)

Perhaps this is redundant as i could just stamp 17:00:00 so long… that’s beside the point i guess, i’m just trying to create a feature that automatically clocks off all employees at business close.

The Gsheet spreadsheet settings are set to GMT+7 (Hanoi) and the TimeSheet table locale within app-sheet is set to Vietnam

Also not sure why we can select the timezone for the event if the server time does not recognize other timezones…

My device is in Philippines (UTC+8) but from what i understand that should not be affecting anything here

I’m starting to confuse myself with time-zones here, luckily the business who will use this app is location anchored to UTC+7 and Vietnam does not observe any daylight savings

I understand this is a Core plan feature, should this scheduled event run as i have not deployed the app yet, still testing

Ok i missed this, looks like the app will need to be deployed for this to work, the bot is testing out fine so i will move on

^ Is this the recommended practice for stamping time values with workflows/bots?