Scheduled ForEachRow Event Will Not Trigger An Email

Hey there!

My appsheet app is for processing new hires. I want to send an announcement email when their FirstDay is tomorrow.

So, I created an event that is scheduled to run every morning at 12:01am and looks for any row where Today() = [FirstDay] - 1.

However, when I link it to an action to send a basic email, I get an error that says my event and process are incompatible. It’s saying the output of the event isn’t valid input for the action.

I’m sure this is something simple I’m missing but how do I get the output of a scheduled event on my Onboard table to become acceptable input for my Email action?

Screenshot of the task that’s trying to trigger:

Is the Process set to the Onboard Table as well?


Oh my god, that was it. I didn’t realize the process “shell” had settings too. Thank you friend!