Scheduled notification

I wanted to make a customer service report that will automatically generate the date for the next follow up action (Three times in a year) from the date the report created.

a push notification and a reminder inside the app will appear to remind the user the date of the next follow up action (The notification reminder will appear a week before the scheduled date)

Is it possible?

In order to send the reminder, you’ll have to store that date somewhere - then you need a system to watch where that data is stored and run your report whenever something comes up.

What I would do is in your report table, you’ve got a report date and from that you get your follow ups; create columns to hold the dates of each follow up. You can use an app formula to easily calculate the next follow up date based on the date of the report along with any criteria you wish to include.

Then you’ll need a report that runs… daily… weekly??? something like that, but in any case a report that’s watching these follow up date columns and whenever that date matches TODAY() - the report fires off and does what you wish.

You can read more about the report system and how to schedule things here:

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