Scheduled Report for select rows

Hi all,

I’m working on a new feature for our apps that involves scheduled reports.

At the minute we have a workflow event which triggers an email. But getting users to trigger the notification when they need to has become a struggle, so more automation is required.

Users make requests on the app each day, so their may be daily requests on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for example.

I want to create a scheduled report that is sent out daily at 6pm, with ONLY those rows from that day.
Example; I create 5 daily request today so those 5 are included in one report, as opposed to sending the entire table into a report or each row sent individually (as there may be too many requests for that to be convenient).

Is this possible?

Thanks, Sarah

Absolutely! It’s just a matter of constructing the template’s <<Start>> expression to only include the desired rows.

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But as far as I know I can only select “for entire table” or “for each row in table”??


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Sure. Choose ForEntireTable. In your report template, use a <<Start>> expression that selects one the rows you want to work with. For example:

<<Start:FILTER("table", (TODAY() = [Date]))>>

Thats great thank you! :slight_smile:

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