Scheduled workflow based on NOW(). Triggers is like for every second

Please make a trigger which is for ever second in the Scheduled Workflow. Right now, we have 1st trigger as a Day. Provide for Every Second also. So, It can check with NOW() and trigger a report. This is a much needed thing in the Ticket Management System and in other apps too. Where we need to check for the current time and trigger an Email or Notification.

Why don’t you just created a Bot that triggers on changes?


Bot is helpful when you have data change. But I want it to be happened on Dynamic Time.

Every second is not going to happen. The CPU processing required would be extreme. Thats why its limited to a set time.


Yes, But the requirement is based on the time which is varied by Creation of Ticket and Duration granted for that ticket to be closed. That’s why we need something that checks timestamp + duration and compares it with NOW(). and then trigger an Email.

Would using a Wait for step work?


I have doubt if it’ll work. I’ll try this and let you know.

I have a Timestamp column for when to trigger an Email. At that time I would like to trigger an Email. But I don’t think we can compare it with NOW().