School schedule browser table

I have a table of data for a school schedule that has columns for teachers, courses and students enrolled in those courses. (Therefore, the number of rows I have in total is the number of course-students.)

I would like to create one view where a user can see a list of teachers and drill into the list of courses they teach and then tap a course to see the roster of students enrolled. The way I have the data though, when I first tap a teacher I see each course listed 30+ times in the table since there’s an entry of that course and teacher for each student in that course. How can I only show a discrete list of courses when I tap on the teacher and then the roster when I tap on a course?

Thank you!

Hey! Welcome to AppSheets.

Generally each View maps to either a row or a table, and since you don’t have a single row that represents a course or a teacher, it’ll be hard to show a view representation of either.

Instead, if you have the ability to change the structure of your tables, is to have one table/sheet of:

  • Teachers (and the Courses they teach)
  • Students (and the Courses they are in)
  • Courses

See References Between Tables | AppSheet Help Center on how to generate references or connections between those tables.