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Please help me with an app formula… maybe you can see what I’m trying to do:

Comment of below- If salary difference is less than or equal to 1000 add 10 points to a virtual column

If Employers.[‘Compensation (max)’] - Candidates.[‘Compensation (min)’] <= 1000
Then [pts] + 10

I’m trying to calculate a value in two different worksheets.

Help me improve my basic skills :slight_smile:

Hmm. Clarify what you’re doing here for us.

You have an Employers table, and you want to get the maximum of the [Compensation] column?
Then you have a Candidates table, from which you want the minimum of [Compensation] column?

Do you have a table with ref-type columns called [Employers] and [Candidates], which are both pointing to a table that has a [Compensation] column?

Is ‘(max)’ and ‘(min)’ part of the column names, or you’re trying to find MAX() and MIN() of a column?

Are you trying to increment a column’s value for every instance of this condition being met? Or what is the initial value of this virtual column that you’re wanting to add 10 to?


Marc D… thanks for your attention and help. It would be the 2nd one you mentioned.

Yes, min and max are part of the names, I should have stripped those out to eliminate confusion…

Yes, I’m trying to increment a columns value as points get scored. My understanding is that it should be a virtual column, but could it be a regular one so the points get written to the spreadsheet?

I believe the I’ll need to use App Formula since the score can change, as opposed to initial value which may not change, as I understand. This point value will get updated by a few other scoring maths.

Thanks Marc!

Are you wanting this value to be incremented more than once?
Or just set to 10 if this condition is met?

Yes, more than once

Rory - Mobile

Then what you’ve asked about is not the right direction to go here I do not think.

Sounds more like you’ll need to setup a Form Saved action that will increment an editable REAL column, given a condition.

Still need more info about what you’re doing to give a better answer. Are you by chance adding multiple child records to some parent record? Please provide screenshots of your table structures and whatnot, and maybe explain again what you’re doing, but in a different way.