Script and function calls in Workflows' Action

Where can I find the documentation for using script, function and parameters?


Looks like you hit a new feature yet to be documented.

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May be tied to Google integration from the looks.

I presume you will be able to call a Google Apps Script (GAS) directly from Appsheet and pass it some parameters. But who really knows.

Integration with GAS will be very powerful

I believe it’s either experimental by the dev team or not rolled out to all accounts yet as I can’t see these webhook parameters under my account.
Any projections??

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We are working on an integration with Apps Script which is on a very limited release right now. There are still a lot of set up steps to get everything working, which we are working to minimize before rolling this out more (including tasks in Google Cloud Console for API Keys and such…).

If you are interested in early testing, let me know and we can get it turned on for you once we get a few more tasks done on the engineering side.



Please add my account (ID: 179269) to the early release.

One of the features I am interested in is using a service account (configuration stored in AppSheet) to access GCP resources (storage but also other things such as ML, cloud functions, cloud run etc.) - hoping it will be considered for early release.


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@Scott_Haaland , please add Account ID: 675786

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We do have a goal this year to implement a “seamless GCP integration through IAM”. This would include the ability to use a Service Account configuration. I’ve added you to my list for early access once we get that going.

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Hi @Scott_Haaland , can you add me back as well? I no longer see those options. Thanks :slight_smile:
ID: 540843

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