Script import email to then feed data in to app to create and open jo

Hello Appsheet community,

Has anyone here been able to pass in data into a 'notes field ’ in an appasheet app via an email

Email sent to appsheet email address with:

Phone number

A scheduled script imports the email contents (only the body of email required)
Data is passed it to app into - generic notes field triggering a ’ new open job’

We built an app and the trades person who gets so many emails or text messages for new work, he manually adding in the data in and wondered if it can be automated into appsheet

Has anyone created something similar?

It would help to clarify what this means. What data is Trades person adding manually? What would the automated process do?

To answer your original question, there are ways to “scrape” email contents and add that data to the sheet. I am currently using an Integromat process to do this for Work Order details that are received by email from an external source.


…t seems odd that you are generating an Email from AppSheet and then want to use a script to import the email contents back into AppSheet.

Instead, I would still use email (or better yet Push Notifications) to notify the Trades person. But at the time the notification is generated, I would also have the “new open job” data pre-staged in the app. You can have the email or notification provide a link to that new job row. The Trade person would then only need to tap the link to go to the new job in the app and then simply tap a button to acknowledge the new job…something along those lines.

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Thanks for the reply,

He (the boss he gets 10 to 20 text messages a day for new work) and he would like to email/forward (SMS wont work) the app sheet account with the new jobs (prevent double handling) and then as you suggest, scrape the data from the email body and pass it into the app under the correct fields or at the very least into the notes field as a open job

Name Mickey Mouse
Address 24 Disney land road
Phone number 5555555
Issue Broken pipe.

And it pass in those values to the notes section of the app built. I read another persons post who said an email script could import some emails but I was unsure of the rest.

I would probably need to show you the current app work workflow and then maybe it can be understood better, here is a image link Imgur: The magic of the Internet

We are already notifying employees of a new job.

I have never heard of Integromat process so I will look into this.

I understand he gets SMS and then email the details. I’m curious how he gets the details into the email? If he is cutting pasting or typing up the email which you then are gong to scrape and place into AppSheet, then I would strongly encourage you to skip the email part and have HIM go straight to AppSheet to enter the new work details. It would likely be just as quick but would get the details into the system even quicker.

Even better… those people sending the SMS messages, give them access to the AppSheet app for them to enter the new work details directly into the app!!

If none of the above will work to help streamline the process, then using something like Inegromat to scrape the emails is the next best option.

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SMS is received but it is hand cranked into the new job, many times per day. The idea was to copy it into an email and send it, using your idea of scraping the data to then post into appsheet.

Trying to get his contacts to login into appsheet to add the job themselves is like teaching an old dog new tricks; also put, I am giving you work and you want me to change my behavior… Talking to these other contractors giving him work, they all use voice to SMS with the details and it is sent to him ( they all work this way as everyone is busy and voice to sms seems to work the best…

I see there is the smart assistant - using voice commands to interact with your app under intelligence

What do people use bots for which is under automation?

I will look into your Inegromat idea. thanks for the heads up.