Scroll Back To Top Of View

I have noticed that in apps where a user scrolls down in a view, navigates away, and then comes back to the same view, it returns to its scrolled position instead of being at the top again. I would like to request the ability to override this behavior. Perhaps a setting that can just be turned on. Or maybe some ability to control scroll programmatically. I mostly just want every view to always start at the top when navigated to.

Yeah, especially working on Mobile with the long list of table and deck view, scrolling back to the top of the view sometimes troublesome. Just placing button at the bottom corner to bring the view back to the top.
It could be easily achieved by coding, anchoring tags for top element, I hope Appsheet team to consider to place new action.
Thanks for yours.

As a user, I hate this behavior. If I descend from a page and return, I want to end up right where I left so that I can continue working my way down the page. I hate having to find my place each time.

Rather than adding yet another button to the screen, I’d prefer that tapping on an existing navigation button for the current screen reset the scroll to the top.

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Clearly arguments can be made for both; I tend to agree with @Steve - I would not use this feature in apps I have built thus far.

However, I can’t say that I would never use a return to top button if it existed.

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Generally, I would agree. But in this particular case, the app is on stationary iPads with multiple people interacting with it. Think like a kiosk. The app is basically a glorified menu of the store’s offerings. So the only reason I want this feature is because if one person scrolls and then walks away, the next person to use it gets sent to the same spot.

Ideally this new functionality would be customizable to get best of both worlds. I just don’t know how a customizable version should or would work.