Scroll bar not available/visible on MAC machine

I just emailed to Appsheet support as I observe one thing, but wanted to gather info what is happening to other users.

The problem is the scroll bar on table view for scrolling both vertical and horizontal is NOT available on Mac Machine. The browser is Chrome.

It is perfectly working on Windows as expected, so it could be potentially bug adhere to MAC OS.

Is any MAC users seeing the exact same problem ? If not i suspect it is because of local setting on my machine.

I just recorded screen. On the left hand side, it is Windows 10 and app is running on Chrome. Same way App is running on Chrome but on the MAC you will see on right hand side.

Similar issue should be reported by community member, but at least the problem still there for me.

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I cannot reproduce this on a dashboard with a table. Sometimes the scrollbars are not visible at first, but the scroll-y-ness does work with my laptop trackpad. I am using Chrome:
Version 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Which version are you using?