Scroll Overall Dashboard - Not just individual Views within


I have a dashboard with multiple views. AppSheet limits Dashboard to fit vertically within screensize and adds vertical scrolling to individual views. Most of my users want to see all of the data - they rather have the overall dashboard vertically scroll than only seeing partial views with lots of scrolling to each view. This is a very common use case for desktop browser apps. Is it possible to have overall dashoard vertically scroll rather than individual views in it - so we add as much content as we want? Thanks

Yes. Make your views bigger and move them below each other.

No it doesn’t.

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I made all of them large or wide - regardless, it limits dashboard to one page and adds scorolling to individual views :frowning:

I was going to post an animated gif, but apparently I can’t anymore.

Any user can click and drag the views around, and resize them.

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User have to themselves make views larger to fit content. By default, it fits all of them in one screen. Most platforms have height/width property as “fit to content”. I don’t see that option.

That does not exist.

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So by default, it fits all views within Dashboard in one page? That is limiting for desktop browser apps.

It seems so.

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I have always wondered, can users rearrange the dashboard windows to their linking and keep those new sizes consistent next time they use the app?

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