Search and Dispaly

I would like to create an App using AppSheet that has the capability to search my smartsheet data and return / display specific data. The first page shows all data - I would like it to be blank apart from the blank form field and search icon.

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I believe we have understood nothing regarding what you are asking for. Please elaborate, may be a couple of screenshots etc. Thnx.

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What I’m basically saying is I what to the home screen of my app to have a search bar where I can enter values/text to bring up the related records at a time. I hope this is helpful. English is not my language so its hard to really explain but I sending a scatch of what I want my app to do. I hope you have some sample apps or solutions out there to point me to.


You can post this to feature request header.

What you want specifically is not possible with AppSheet: the search bar searches the currently-displayed rows, so if no rows are displayed, the search bar has nothing to search. You could, however, implement your own search and display system without using the built-in search bar. It wouldn’t be as visually pleasing, though.

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OK, thanks for the responds. Will that be possible in the future in Appsheet? It would be good to have a feature like this. Thanks again.

Thanks, I would like AppSheet to have a feature of that kind.