Search bar filtering condition

I know how to create a condition in a Slice for a UX where in an interactive dashboard filters a SUM regarding the date or whatever the value is…
But is it posible to recreate this kind of filtering condition if the user selects from the filtering search bar dates, or other values?.
May be an expression in a Virtual col?
Eg: If the users needs to know how much money he spends from last monday till today, or from last year till today.

You’re in luck! Yes. a recent feature addition allows this. When you activate Search, you will see an arrow icon on the right hand side (see image). Tap this and you will be presented with a list of columns that are Searchable. You can apply criteria for each of these columns to further filter the results.

Tap the arrow icon highlighted…

To see this!

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Virtual columns with If expressions are afected by this filtering conditions?
If so, how this works?

Maybe you need to describe what you mean by “affected”.

In my example, Duration is a Virtual column for DateTime values. I can set a Filtering Start Date and End Date condition. See image.

For the ability to apply the filter the column MUST be set as Searchable. That is an option at the bottom of the column property list under “Other Options”

Filter criteria

Searchable Property

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For example: I need to get the total amount of time spent from date “A” to date “B”. If I create an expression in a virtual column like SUM (Table [duration]), it shows the total time, and if I filter the dates in the search bar filter, the virtual column a still adds the total amount of time, regardless of date “A” to date “B”.
What I need to do is show the total amount of time for the selected dates from date “A” to date “B”.
Does this make sence?

If you need to affect the sum you need to filter it with a slice and apply a row filter condition AFAIK.
Today, filtering in the search bar just helps to find a certain record easily, nothing else.

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I don´t know what AFAIK is.


That´s what I thought. Thanks!