Search box appearing on UX when selecting an input value for a Type Ref column

Hi all,

first post here. I’ve been playing around with AppSheet for a couple of weeks so apologies if this has been asked / answered (couldn’t find a relevant post when searching here).

I have a table structure with a column of type “Ref” (see image below). It references another table that has a simple list of integer values.

When running the app and adding a record to this table the UX component displaying the drop down of values also displays a search box at the top of the form:

My question is: can this search box be removed / hidden / disabled? Seeing the small list of values the user has to choose from (all small integers) I feel it does not add a lot of value.

I have looked at a number of options in the table structure and View but could not find a way to do what I’m looking for. Any help much appreciated!

I believe the search box only can disappear if your choice of Ref values fits within the display.


Thank you for the quick reply. I’ll try a couple of different list lengths to confirm, but that would make sense.

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