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Hi, I’m building an app which is like an inventory and I have a Materials menu with some features which can be scan by user to find them. I also want to implement a function that enable to scan a QR Code thanks to the search button and if the code match with an element of the table Materials, the user will be redirected to him (initial condition of the search button) but if the QR code doesn’t match with an element of the table, rather than return “No Results” only, the application would suggest to the user to add this Materials to this table and also open the Materials form with the QR Code Id field already filled?
I wish someone can hep me, sorry for my bad English, thanks.


Hi Steve,

Thanks a lot for your answer, after reading your proposition of solution I agree with it and that can certainly be one solution to my problem !
I’m also going to implement and test it on my application and I will write you back concerning the result.

Thank you again, have a nice evening,



Hi !

I try to implement your suggest solution of yesterday and I finally reach my goal thanks to your advice.
But there is just one thing that I need to modificate, is that:

I attach Handle_Scan to the Scan_Form like you say but when the grouped actions are occuring, first Edit_Target is functionning but the second part which is the deleting of the line in the table Scan that’s not functionning. To pass of this problem I have also attach Edit_Target to the Scan_Form and not Handle_Scan and to delete the row in the Scan table I have created an Automation which is deleting a row when a row was added (same function of Handle-Scan 2th part) thanks to this all is functionning and I can SCAN the same QR Code several times !

I hope that you understand my comments despite my bad English,
Have a nice day.

Please post screenshots of the configurations of the actions (from Behavior >> Actions in the app editor).