Search Form with different conditions

Hello, I’m trying to do a search form using data from more than one tables in my app. I’would search the data on this condition–> If the project is “e-SicilyTravel BlockChain” and the partner is “Arancia-ICT”, go in table “Dati Personale” and SUM the column “Costo” where “Periodo” is >= than “DA”, <= than “A” and “Partner” is equal to "Arancia-ICT.
I tried whit this formula but It is wrong in the syntax

IF [Progetto]= “e-SicilyTravel BlockChain”,
AND [Partner]=“Arancia-ICT”,
SELECT(Dati Personale[Costo],
AND ([Periodo]>=[DA],[Periodo]<=[A], [Partner]= “Arancia-ICT”)

The search form is this one

The main problem is that I have different project and different partner and it means that the formula could be very complicated.
I hope in your support.

Should be:

IF( AND( [progetto] = xx , [partner] = yy ) , ...

Have you looked at IFS() yet?

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I tried with your support but It ask the third input…

Yes, you need to supply an “else” value in an IF().


thanks Mark, I wouldn’t open a new topic for a similar problem in which i’m fallen…
In this case, i would obtain a percent value because i have to divide the value [Totale] for the value [Budget Totale Partner] that it’s situated in the table “Totale Progetto”

AND([Progetto]=“e-SicilyTravel BlockChain” , [partner]=“Arancia-ICT”),
SELECT(Totale Progetto[Budget Totale Partner],[partner]=“Arancia-ICT”)/[Totale]

No probem, I solved!!

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