Search functionality

I have 10k resume with me
i have to search a resume like java developer ,UI developer
its possible to enable the search functionality into the resume and search the appropriate resume and give me

it should filter the corresponding resume in the table view

Yes, its very much possible.

But you need an intermediate table to log the ‘search requests’.

Create an intermediate table with columns as pertinent ‘search blocks’. Like resume type, student name, date ranges (and all other search terms you deem pertinent).

Make an action using deep links, using linktofilteredview(). Look up the expression if you haven’t already.

The general format is linktofilteredview (“The view name of the resume table”, (all search constraints, use in conjunction using and()) ).

Finally attach that action to the form. (Done by navigating to UX -> View name -> Form saved)

That would show the search results directly when you save the form.