Search isn't acting like it should

I have a dashboard showing mutliple deck views, one per tab. In the first image, Type is the Group By column. If I type Crisis, or any of the other Types shown to have records, in the Search nothing comes up.

If I type in a word or phrase from any of the text fields, the search finds it. Even when that field is not shown on the deck view.

Is it because Type is a REF field in the base table?

Thanks for helping me understand this and get it working.

Search is based off of column data and whether or not it is “Searchable” which is an option for each column.

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Update: That didn’t fix it. Any other ideas? @Bahbus

I will check that. Thanks.

I’m also confused with this:
Search: Indicates the data values in the column can be searched using the Search button. By default, Search is enabled for most text-based columns, but is not enabled for columns containing images, files, and the like. You can modify the Search attribute to control which columns are searchable. Search is text-based. It is both case-insensitive and diacritic-insensitive. Search is performed against the entire table, including column data values that aren’t currently displayed on screen.

yet, AppSheet says it changed some of the fields I marked as searchable to unsearchable because they are hidden. I assume that means Show is Off.

BTW, that does not apply to the Type column I’m having trouble with.

Yes. If you explicitly mark the column Show: Off (like the default for [_ROWNUMBER] most of the time), then Searchable is also forced off for that column.

Search still works for Refs usually through their key’s Label, but as long the key column of the reference is shown and searchable, it should also still work. I use a table where the key column is the name of the flavor of the product, visible and searchable. But I also don’t encourage it’s use in my apps - and that reminds me I need to test and look for bugs related to search and getting to unintended destinations.


Thanks for the info. In the Type table I have the key column not shown. It’s a UNIQUEID type. The lable is TYPE_NAME, Text6 and is shown.

I’ll have to look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow. Searching on Type is important to my future users.

If you want the key column to be hidden but still searchable, in Show? put FALSE

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