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Yes that is correct. Can you tray to add a theird from a theird column and try to search for value 1 and value 3?

Eg: [Customer] [Number] [Name]
In this case, if you search [Customer] space [Name] it won´t find it, but if you add a second space, the search find it.
When you have a long llist of items or names to be found, this is a big issue, also regarding UNIQUEID´s it´s very hard to the user to remeber each UNIQUEID, it´s always simpler to find it by something you remember as a name and surname

I am not seeing an issue. @Steve 's formula is working perfectly.

I created a little tester with 4 name fields and entered several rows, entering John and Baer is different places, concatenating in a Virtual Column named Full Name.


If I then search for “John B”, I get all of the rows that have that value somewhere in the Full Name field.


Yes, because “customer 1” occurs exactly in that way as part of “customer 10”, etc. What doesn’t match is “customer” (missing " 1"), “customer1” (missing space), “customers 1” (extra “s”), and “customer   1” (extra spaces).

Yes, because the exact “12c” text occurs occurs in the ID.

Actually this does work. In my case, it just returned all the rows because they all have test customer names with the word “customer” in them.

Neither here nor there, your formula works awesome and I would not have come up with such a compact form.

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please check this video

Can you bring up in your app the view with the complete name by itself and trying searching just with that view - Not inside of a Dashboard.

I’m at a loss. Just to re-confirm, in your Virtual Column, you have the Searchable property set like that below?



Ok, hold on. I watched again. Is it working in the view by itself?

In the first video, Dashboard View, when you typed “alberto prueba”, it didn’t find anything. But it looks like in the second video, the view by itself, it did.

It´s the same thing, it find it when I add a double space between words

Then obviously something is causing the double spaces.

I have tried changing the type of the 4 name field from Name to Text and back. I can’t even get extra spaces to appear between the words. The spaces are always trimmed off.

I don’t know if you entered all of the data you are testing with or not. Is it possible that two names were entered into a single field with two spaces in between?

Secondly, did you use Steve’s formula exactly as he gave it, or did you need to modify it in anyway?

I add Steve´s formula and still, as It shoes in the videos, when I search a value that belong to the [Column_1] and search at the same time a value that belongs to [Column_3] from the CONCATENATE expression that Steve´s send. The result is the one that are shown in both videos.
The search result is BLANK.

I’m running out of ideas. Just to make sure I understand what you said.

If you enter in [Column_1], skip [Column_2] and then enter in [Column_3], you have to search to find the record by including TWO spaces between [Column_1] and [Column_3].

If I have that right, then I simply don’t know what’s going on. I am not seeing that problem at all in my tester app. There is obviously something different about what you have versus what I have.

I know less…
Thanks John!
May be this guys can help.


Please consider engaging directly on this.