Search through reference list


I have successfully created a reference between two tables. However, on the linked (ref) column (properties), I get the option to add a new property, but I want to be able to search through properties and select the one I need.

I can’t figure out how to do this. Assistance appreciated.

You want to select a property and display it’s info and child table?

Please post a screenshot showing where’d you’d like this search-and-select to occur.

Hello, please see attached. Is it possible to have a search option rather than new?

A search field will appear if more than one screen’s worth of items occur in the list; search does nor appear if all available options are fully displayed on-screen.


To remove New, you’ll need to remove Add access from the table to which the Ref values refer, or reconfigure the Ref column’s Source table to refer to a slice that does’t allow adds:



Aaaah… smart. Thank you Steve!

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hello guys
i need your help,
why my appsheet can not show search??
this my set in appsheet

and this my configure in slice

and this my table

What does this mean?