Search using image

Does AppSheet support image search? In some situation this would be very useful.


There is no built-in feature, but it’s pretty easy to use Google’s URL parameters and an AppSheet action to build your own. You have to turn OFF Secure Image Access, though.



But I was asking something like shoot-and-search meaning user can take a photo and then use it for searching within the app’s image library. Something like (we already have) searching by scanning barcode feature.

I don’t have any tricks for that lol. I think using barcodes or QR codes would be your best bet.


How about OCR functionality? Could that be useful?

i dont think Appsheet has capability to achieve your goal for the moment.

On the google drive, when we search with free text word, then it will return the images including that key words. This is because Google drive is natively have Google Visual API or some other ApI built-in. For instance, we search “Dog”, on google drive, then it will return the result including image files where “Dog” is in.

However, this is not happening to Appsheet for the moment, meaning you may need to throw a feature request.