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This post pertains to an earlier discussion about the difficulty of searching within individual pages on this community:

Today, I noticed the problem again and also happened upon a solution – at least on a Mac – not sure about other platforms.

On my Mac (Chrome or Safari), I found today that command-F took me to the search function for the entire community instead of the “search within page” function. Then, however, I noticed that I could access the search within page function by holding down the command key and hitting the F key twice in quick succession.

Please let me know if it works on PCs (control-F).

By the way, please be aware that there is a stand-alone app for the community:

Personally, however, I prefer an ordinary browser.

I just noticed that there are quite few keyboard shortcuts we can use, though the particular kind of trick to bypass the normal search that I described above is not listed.

Screen Shot 2019-12-25 at 12.05.29

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If I understand your requirement, you can search for “expression” in Google using something like,

For Tips & Tricks:

"community" "appsheet" "tips & tricks" "expression"


For Questions:

"community" "appsheet" "questions" "expression"

For Feature Requests:

"community" "appsheet" "feature requests" "expression"

I myself use this old school method :wink: and it should be working on every platform.