Searching database by number

I have a App where each new entry is assigned a unique ID #. I have that column set as searchable but it won’t search by ID# from the App search. From what I’ve read you can only search by date or text. Is it possible to allow this?

I just enabled search for my UNIQUEID() assigned column and it seems to work for me. Make sure the Search property has been turned on for the field.

This is a Item actually not a user. I even changed the column name to Item # and within the app as well. The column is set for Searchable but it still will not allow a search for an Item #.

What is the column type?


I just removed the hashtag from the sheet and the app thinking that may have been confusing things but still it won’t search Item

As you yourself noted:

So change the type from Number to Text.

In this particular application that is giving me errors because I have a formula to auto number each item on add. (MAX(Mushroom Tracker[Item]) + 1)

Perhaps I can’t search like I hoped to.

Another option would be to add a virtual column of type Text with an app formula of [Item #] or TEXT([Item #]).

I tried every variation I could think of using the virtual column and it still won’t allow a search of item #. Plus the auto generate of a new item # for a new entry doesn’t work.
(MAX(Mushroom Tracker[Item]) + 1)
Thanks for trying.

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Hi @David_B Did you add an extra column or did you substitute the virtual one for your original column?

Do you mean add another column to my Google sheet? No I did not.
I tried substituting the virtual column for the actual column.
And I added TEXT([Item #]), (MAX(Mushroom Tracker[Item]) + 1)
The second half being the auto number for new entries.

So this doesn’t make sense to me. Making a Virtual Column and putting the following formula makes me think the formula is copying the data from my column [Item] to my Virtual column [Item #]

App Formula for column Item # (Text)
[Item]=[Item #]
(The value of column ‘Item’) is equal to (The value of column ‘Item #’)

And even though Item # is a labeled Text it still will not do a search for an Item #

I may have come up with a way to accomplish my goal with this problem
Is there a way to add text to a number column in my Google Sheet column.
I have the Item # auto generated using (MAX(Mushroom Tracker[Item]) + 1)
I’d like it to add the word Item in front of each number in my Google Sheet if that’s possible.
The field has to stay a number field in order for the auto generating formula to work.
If the word Item can be added in front of each number I think I could then search for Item 5, etc.
As it is I can search for 5 and it will bring up item 5, but it will also bring up any item that has a 5 in it.
IE. 9/25/2019 14:53:06
But, I need to be able to search for particular items by it’s item number.