Searching dates using native search box in views

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I am trying to search dates in a column where its type is date and locale is Turkey (dd/mm/yyyy) using the native search box. I figured out that I can only search the dates if I enter the date I am searching in mm/dd/yyyy format. Both the Google Sheets’ and table’s locale is Turkey. This is rather confusing for the end user who wants to search a date using the search box. Is there a way to solve this? Or did I by some luck catch a “bug”?



I believe it’s by design and locale settings don’t have an effect on the search process.


Thanks Levent. It seems the users should perform the date search using mm/dd/yyyy format.

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Based on the findings in one of my apps, I can confirm that the search bar unluckily disrespects locale settings when it comes to dates.

As a workaround, I am thinking of a virtual helper column that calculates a string in the form of the expected locale dd/mm/yyyy

TEXT([Date], "dd/mm/yyyy") → thanks @Steve for the hint!

However, when the user searches e.g. for Dec 1st and enters “1/12” instead of “01/12”, 11th Dec, 21 Dec and 31 Dec also show up if present in the table

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I wish the text function would allow to format numbers other then dates e.g. TEXT( value, format )

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