Searching UpWork and Fiverr for AppSheet Jobs

:wave: Hey there, AppSheet Devs!

I’m Joseph, from @greenflux. I’m an AppSheet partner developer, freelancer, and consultant.

I’ve seen a lot of questions in the forums lately about becoming a partner, hiring devs/partners, and freelancing. So I’ve decided to start a series of AppSheet/Freelance resources to share here in the community.

I’m working on an Intro to AppSheet-Dev Freelancing presentation that will be released in the next week. Here’s a quick teaser:

Finding AppSheet Jobs on Upwork

  • Turn off US ONLY
  • Use boolean searches, and check for misspellings
  • Search for alternative platforms
  • Search Google Sheets/Excel
  • Save your searches, create an RSS Feed, setup notifications
  • DON’T filter out low budgets (apply anyway)

And here’s a backup link to the video.
I couldn’t get it to play from Google Drive in incognito mode, even though it’s set to public. :man_shrugging:

Please comment below to let me know what other kinds of Freelancer resources would be helpful, and message me if you’d like to collaborate!



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Following this thread!

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This is great!!
I will definitely follow this thread.
Thanks for sharing @GreenFlux

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Hey Everyone! Here’s the follow up video with a comparison of UpWork and Fiverr.

I decided to break each topic into a short video. Hope you all enjoy!

Video Links


FYI- UpWork has a freelancer webinar coming up on Dec 7th.

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UPDATE: New community resource for freelancers!