Second Round of Pictures will not display

I created an an app and was able to correctly display pics in it. Later I decided to update some of the pictures. I put the new pics in the same folder as the old ones. When I try to display them, it gives me an exclamation point on the app. The old pictures in the same folder still work but the new ones will not display. I use the code as /Pics/name.jpg. All I did was copy the new name of the pics in the name space and it doesnt display, but when I copy the old pics name back into it, it displays correctly the old pic. Any help is appreciated.

If you replaced the images with the same name, then the app will try to read the image from the cache. You need to rename them.

They all have different names, that was just an example of the path

Are those images taken with the app? I mean by a IMAGE field in the form?