Secondary FORM

Hi Everyone!

I’ve a table and a I’ve a AddForm where a Add information for works.

Every work has a Status and when a I finish the work I must to open a SecondaryForm for Add 2/3 informations in the same table.

Problem : I created the SecondaryForma but now …when I insert a new Work the app open SecondaryForm and not ADDForm.

How Can I optein that?

I undestood the problem!

I Think is not possible tu have two form in the same table. (System Generated and Secondary)

I created a Slice with property ADD/UPDATES/DETELE.
I created a Form (my Secondary FORM)
I created an action with “Go to another view” and I open my Secondary Form.

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You would need to likely make distinct actions to go to each form instead of using the system generated add action.

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I tried to associate the Secondary Form to the action but it doesn’t work. Whenever I enter edit mode or add a row to the table, it always opens the second form and no longer the System Form

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Yep. If you create your own form view for the table, AppSheet will use it instead of the system-provided form view. Your approach using a slice is an good one. Well done!

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