Secure Clock, change with realtime

hi dear,
i want to make application attedance with appsheet
in here i make with check in and check out
in my button check in i add function to “Go To Another view within this app”
and i view this form

but i want to secure my time check in with realtime data, when user click save data to insert in google sheet is realtime now with second now

can you help me for this problem? or you have diifferent solution?

Hi @Mas_Syahdan_Filsafan ,
If I understood your question correctly, I think that
to have more refined time data use the ChangeTimestamp data type instead of Time data type.
Then choose The columns to watch for changes. or Specific values that trigger a change.


Ohh, As you can see, there is circular definition. try to show exactly your process .

and this my initial value

Remove the formular TEXT(Now()… in Specific Value and keep that area empty
but Keep your initial value formular

like this?

Hello my dear @Mas_Syahdan_Filsafan
remove that expression into App formular area and paste it into Initial Value area , then save

like this?

Yes like that, now as you can see on error message the column you choose for watch changes is not correct Jam_check_in cannot watch and change at the same time. For example, you can use the [Status] column which will modify the date once the status changes