Security Filter across multiple tables

I need help with creating a security filter.
I have 3 tables total.
Table 1 contains my data (Name, Amount Spent, Address)
Table 2 contains a reference between the name from Table 1 and the email (Jon Doe,
Table 3 is a form in which I would like the security to filter through the data and only allow the USEREMAIL() to view their data from Table 1 and be able to make corrections to the Amount Spent.

That’s not how security filters work.

So just to be clear, in order for the user to be able to only view & edit their data table 1 has to contain their email address?

It seems that table 3 is just a ‘form’ based on table 1? Why not eliminate table 3 and just give access to table 1 directly via the standard form interface?
Is there a reason why table 2 stores the email along with a reference to table 1 instead of just including an email field in table 1 and only have one table?
You should technically be able to create a security filter in table 1 based on the INTERSECT() expression between table 1 and table 2, but again I’m wondering about the need of table 2 if you could just create a column in table 1 UserEmail with initial value of USEREMAIL() and then apply a security filter only to table 1.

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My goal is to extract certain information from a data source and have it automatically update a file in which the app would read (Table 1). Then I need a place to store any edits (Table 3) since Table 1 would be written over as the data is updated. I created Table 2 (since Table 1 does not contain the email) in hopes to provide a way to have the security filter since I want a manager that has access to all information and then users that will be able to access and change only their information.