Security filter for columns

Hello, I have a spreadsheet that had sensitive information in certain columns in Smartsheet, is there a way to only allow certain columns to be used from a Smartsheet table, rather than use the Hide/Show

This is a pretty interesting question! It sounds like you’d like to use the same table that has the sensitive information in AppSheet, but you don’t want AppSheet to see the data from a specific column.

One thing you could do is enable the PII feature for that column and create a slice of that table in AppSheet so that the column is not included in any views that use that slice.

An even more extreme solution might be to create a second table in your SmartSheet that uses all of the columns except the sensitive one and map a relationship between the two tables.

Who do you want to keep the sensitive information away from? Who do you want to have access to the sensitive information? If your sensitive information will never be used in your AppSheet app you probably should find a solution in your SmartSheet data source.