Security Filter formula anomalous behavior I...

(Bellave Jayaram) #1

Security Filter formula anomalous behavior

I have a table, Tasks, with two columns:

  1. a ref to another table, Project and

  2. Project Name which is [Project].[Project Name]

Projects has a column UserList which is an EnumList of BaseType Email.

I am seeing a difference in results between the following two where I expect none. What am I missing?

IN(USEREMAIL(), [Project].[UserList]) - does not work, filters away everything

IN(USEREMAIL(), SELECT(Project[UserList], [Project Name]=[_THISROW].[Project Name])) - works, filters rows only intended for user


(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

This is a confusion between lists and lists of lists.

What is the type of the UserList column of the Project table?

[Project].[UserList] is not of the same type as SELECT(Project[UserList], …)

(Bellave Jayaram) #3

@praveen, thanks.

This is not the first time I have been tripped up by this. I guess I am expecting a List of Lists to reduce to a List. There is no indication in the editor/expression assistant that something is a List of Lists and maybe if there was, it might help avoid the confusion.