SECURITY Filter out all existing rows?

Filter out all existing rows? Used only in forms apps that collect new data rows but never show any pre-existing rows.

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How to use this switch function?
Is there a sample explanation?
My test doesn’t seem to affect or respond?
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You use this option in cases where that table is only for entering in new data, and you do not want any users to be able to see existing data.


Is there any difference in setting permissions here?
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Yes. Those are permissions for Adding, Updating, and Deleting records. Those permissions do not affect whether or not certain records in a table will be loaded into the app. A very different thing.

In contrast, you could easily re-create the option you referred to in your initial post by setting a Security Filter expression, because those two things are very similar.

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As the teacher said …
“and you do not want any users to be able to see existing data.”
Can’t even see this material when creating it?
Is there any specific timing?
Thank you

Yes, the users will be able to see the data they enter while entering it in the form. After the form is saved, the user will no longer be able to see the data. You (the app creator) will have access to the saved data, and can use it in other ways, such as in another app.

Thank you, teacher

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HI @Steve ,

I have an app with a customer table and a questioner table, both have this option set to TRUE.

After filling customer customer form the app takes user to questioner form automatically. I noticed that while filling questioner form the customer name changed to customer_id. Can this be avoided and how for I still need to reference customer table while filling questioner form?

Are you setting customer name as label on the cutomer table?

Hi @tsuji_koichi

Yes I am.